Friday, July 23, 2010

Tips for Value Shopping Office Furniture in Tulsa OK

In a tightened Tulsa economy where spending may be limited, there are some little known ways to save extra money. When shopping for various office furniture needs, don’t be afraid to mix products and collections.

One of the ways to do this is to compare prices for freestanding, storage or mobile pieces in a few different lines/collections. If you can find something suitable that will go with the overall concept of your space(s), you can tie the look together with coordinating hardware for all of the pieces and make it look intentional. Especially on pieces with clean lines, this is easily done. A word of caution here though: when mixing products, it is recommended to stick with items that are freestanding or mobile, and stay away from items that require assembly or have to be bolted together. Otherwise, the manufactures warranty may be voided.

Finishes in several collections and brands may coordinate and compliment each other which will enable you to cherry pick what best suits your space. In some cases, the savings to mix collections can be in the hundreds of dollars+

Most office furniture stores in Tulsa will have several options on display. In addition, they will typically have wood or laminate samples for your consideration so that you can ensure that your selections will match up prior to ordering.

A knowledgeable sales associate can be invaluable in assisting you with achieving your needs while staying within your budget. They can expertly steer you towards your goal and help you come away with an ideal result. Just ask!

And remember when shopping that, “Value is always in style,” as one vendor’s motto aptly puts it.

Source for motto - Global Industries