Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holiday Shopping Deals On Office Furniture Tulsa Oklahoma

Right now your Tulsa Office Furniture Dealers are loaded up with year end deals on office furniture. Check the overstock and special sales sections of Tulsa area office furniture dealers websites for more details. Like this deal on Riverside Home Office Furniture in Tulsa Oklahoma at over 70% off list prices!!! That was not a typo a entire truckload is marked at less than 70% off MSRP.
You can find deals like this and more at your Tulsa area office furniture dealers.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Truckloads of Used Technical Workbenches For Sale

Are you looking for used technical workbenches? Crown Office Furniture in Tulsa, OK has over 200 work benches in stock and ready for immediate sale. These benches are in like new condition and are from leading manufactures such as IAC Industries , Global Industrial , Production Basics and Bench-Craft all are being sold at less than half of new prices.

For more information please contact our knowledgeable staff at 918.663.6704 or email us at support@crownfurniture.com

Friday, July 23, 2010

Tips for Value Shopping Office Furniture in Tulsa OK

In a tightened Tulsa economy where spending may be limited, there are some little known ways to save extra money. When shopping for various office furniture needs, don’t be afraid to mix products and collections.

One of the ways to do this is to compare prices for freestanding, storage or mobile pieces in a few different lines/collections. If you can find something suitable that will go with the overall concept of your space(s), you can tie the look together with coordinating hardware for all of the pieces and make it look intentional. Especially on pieces with clean lines, this is easily done. A word of caution here though: when mixing products, it is recommended to stick with items that are freestanding or mobile, and stay away from items that require assembly or have to be bolted together. Otherwise, the manufactures warranty may be voided.

Finishes in several collections and brands may coordinate and compliment each other which will enable you to cherry pick what best suits your space. In some cases, the savings to mix collections can be in the hundreds of dollars+

Most office furniture stores in Tulsa will have several options on display. In addition, they will typically have wood or laminate samples for your consideration so that you can ensure that your selections will match up prior to ordering.

A knowledgeable sales associate can be invaluable in assisting you with achieving your needs while staying within your budget. They can expertly steer you towards your goal and help you come away with an ideal result. Just ask!

And remember when shopping that, “Value is always in style,” as one vendor’s motto aptly puts it.

Source for motto - Global Industries

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Work Flow In The Modern Office

When thinking about your business operations, and how do make them smoother with more efficiency, you will likely find that how your office furniture is laid out will have a lot to do with it.

This is where it is good to look at different types of office furniture and see their recommended applications.

Office furniture vendors spend millions in research utilizing the latest technologies to design all types of collections that will suit the needs of the consumer.

A few examples:

Teaming stations-
When you have several people in the same space that have jobs that require constant interaction, these types of setups can be quite handy. Furnishings like adjoining desks, transaction counters, and mobile tables & file cabinets are just a few of the many options that will make for more seamless operations. These vary from cubes in that they are not necessarily walled, but rather customized and modular to fit your space best and the needs of your staff. Some are reconfigurable or can be added onto later which will aid in your growth plans.

Small Conference/Work areas-
For teams that meet regularly with each other or have frequent and interactive visits from clients, vendors etc there are many options and exciting new products to make these spaces a cinch to use, and in most cases you can also reconfigure them.
Items like mobile screens, mobile tables, flip top tables that can be stowed out of the way easily when not in use, grouping or nesting tables that adjust to the size of your team, and much more. This enables the same space to be used in multiple ways and saves time and money in many cases, because you may not need multiple rooms, just reconfigurable furniture within the same space(s)

Organizational options-
Many lines of furniture are broadening their reach with innovative ways to store paper, supplies, binders and other items used in the typical work day. Look for collections that have a variety of storage options and think about what you and your employees will need to work better. Accessories like collators, hutches with doors, cubbyhole storage, combination drawers, etc will help you customize your workspaces to maximize each office. Also, look for items like desk mounted holders for binders, monitor arms for one or multiple computer screens, mobile or attaching CPU storage, etc.

Visit with local Tulsa office furniture dealers to see some of these suggested workstations on display and how they function. If you have multiple offices to update or furnish, Set up an appointment with a sales consultant at your business so they can help assess your needs and better quote for your needs.

Make your workflow better with some aids and you will have happier, more productive employees. A true win-win for everybody.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tulsa Job Market Improves

Here is a current look at the unemployment rate in Oklahoma by county. The entire state is currently running 6.7% unemployment compared to 9.7% nationwide. Tulsa is slowly dropping in jobless claims and this is a great news for job seekers. You can find out more information on Oklahoma Employment Security Commission's website

Monday, March 8, 2010

Finding The Right Office Furniture Vendor

When you start the hunt for an office furniture source, it can be an overwhelming experience. Especially if you don’t like to shop!

Here are some helpful tips to get you off to the right start:

1) Do your homework
A) Find out who sells office furniture is in your area, 3-4 places is usually enough to start with, and will give you a good idea of who’s out there.
B) Is their location convenient for you? This will matter especially if you will be frequenting them a lot for ongoing needs
C) Look online. Do they have a website? Do they have a good product variety? Are their prices reasonable? Are their product offerings and overall corporate image current/keeping up with the times?

2) Ask around
Referrals rock! Getting good references about various office furniture vendors/dealers from friends or associates will help and give you a better feel for who is best to use.
If you like someone’s office(s), ask them where they got their furniture! Ask them not only about price point and overall satisfaction, but if they would go back. And who was their sales person? Were they friendly, assertive at assessing their needs?

3) Visit a few places
Once you have selected a handful of office furniture stores, check them out. How well is their store laid out? Is it consumer friendly? If you feel frustrated when your there, can’t find what you need, or the sales people are not helpful these may be good reasons to walk out. If you are thinking of this source as long term, than choose a place to shop where you want to come back again and again. Relationship is very important! More on that in a moment…

4) Buying online
In recent years, online office furniture stores have become more popular. There is certainly merit to them and generally a good savings too.
Some things to keep in mind though if you are considering that route:
a) Check out their policies (and user’s reviews) for returning items, repair and parts replacement, and what to do in the event of freight damage. If they are not clear cut, you may get a great buy on the front end and a massive headache on the other end. If you are a business owner or manager with limited time, consider whether these extra hassles will affect your business and time management. The customer service is typically better in person and if you have an issue, a person on the phone may not be able to satisfactorily solve your problem as well as being able to go to the place in person and “eyeball” someone.
b) Find out if product(s) you are considering require assembly. A Desk that looks like a steal at $300 may require 2-3 hours of assembly, which may not be such a great deal after all. Especially if you are buying multiples. How much is you and your employee’s time worth?
Also, if whoever is assembling has no experience with building furniture and something is damaged because it is incorrectly assembled many commercial furniture manufactures will not warranty work done by the end user. They will though if a professional installer does.
c) Find out if the prices include freight, and inside delivery or not. Sometimes by the time you add up the freight and assembly charges, you are the same as the local price.
On large ticket items like office furniture, shopping locally is still the overall best route…and it keeps your hard earned dollars in your local economy.

5) Develop relationship & think Long Term
Doing business with a local dealer can be a great partnership that is very beneficial to your business.

In smaller or family owned businesses, you will typically find that they offer a more relaxed shopping environment. They will get to know you and what your company’s needs are and will be handy in helping you find exceptional value and personalized service.

A good salesperson will endeavor to assist you with offering great choices, & help you find the best value while keeping your bottom line in mind. They will remember you and your needs, and be looking long term at how partnering with your business will benefit both of you.

Chain stores or dealers that are commission driven will not normally be able to provide this level of service. Also, typically the more you buy, the more you save. Instead of cherry picking at several places and paying retail, ask about quantity discounts if you buy it all together. Sometime the discount structure is already in place, but sometimes they can do more. Also, ask about office furniture overstocks,special buys and floor model specials. These are also great ways to save and a good sales person will assertively help you make purchases based on the best value for you.

With years in the furniture industry, these are just a few guidelines I can offer geared toward helping you make the “where to buy” decision a little easier.

Until next time, happy office furniture shopping!