Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Challenging Year Creates Buyers Market For Office Furniture

The economic downturn of the past year has created a real opportunity for buyers of office furniture. The layoffs and unfortunate business closings have dramatically increased the amount of high quality used office furniture on the market.

At savings of 50% to 80% off new prices, your dollars can go further than ever. This also helps the start-up businesses that are seizing the opportunity of entering the marketplace with fewer competitors. At a time when capital is tight, meaningful savings on office furniture can really help your budget.

Where can I find these great deals?

#1 Check local office furniture dealers for used inventories. Knowing your needs before calling or stopping by a showroom will help you communicate your needs. This will also help the sales person show you the best inventories for your project. By visiting a few places, you will get a "feel" for the market and it will help you understand what things are selling for instead of getting "sticker shock".

#2 Check with local charities...many of the shrinking businesses of the past year that were unable to sell their furniture might have donated it for a tax purposes. Many times charities are not familiar with how to price this furniture and you can find some really good deals if you are willing to do some digging around.

#3 Ask friends! This might sound funny but you might be surprised at how many people know of businesses that are downsizing. Many of these businesses are selling furniture directly to their employees or other business at liquidation prices.

#4 Last but not least, look online...check sites like craigslist, ebay & local online classifieds. Many times you will find great deals on small lots of furniture. This can be a real resource if you only need one or two office furniture setups. If you are looking for multiple matching setups or cubicles, your local office furniture dealer might be a better place to look.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How a little color can change your office environment

What a boring world it would be with out color!

Using a great color pallet can enhance the creativity of your workforce, and give new life to your business transactions.

Especially in marketing, design & media firms or technology driven businesses, a punch of color in the right places can reinforce your companies appeal as a place that is energetic & fresh.

Here are some ways to use color in specific areas-

Reception Area:
You can pick one or two accent walls for a pop of color and then go neutral on the rest. Consider a standard wood finish like Black or Light Cherry for the receptionist desk & end/coffee tables and then add your zing of color to the seating & artwork.

Another way to do effective branding is by coordinating with a prominently displayed company logo. You can tie the colors of the logo into an accent wall & then bring it out with some accessories. One client recently used their company’s yellow & black corporate colors to their advantage in their reception area with a black & glass desk and yellow lounge seating with coordinating black accent tables.

For a fresh look, another client, who was a media firm used white modern lounge furniture with silver accents to add pop to their aqua accent walls. Add a few throw pillows & some modern art and you have a pulled together look that is unique and interesting.

Conference Room:

Consider selecting neutral walls, and then going with dark wood for the conference table & buffet or bookcases. Add a fun print on the chairs. Tie in the colors of the chairs with accessories on the bookcases and an arrangement of vases or flowers on the table.

Or how about doing the room in a color, and add a 2nd coordinating color on the chairs for extra pep?


Many workstations have a wide variety of finish options. What about ordering the desks in a color, and then going neutral in Black or Tan for the seating and Black & White prints for the walls?

Or if you prefer to keep the furniture a standard finish such as an Espresso (which is really hot right now), then add a punch of color with lime green or another color on the chairs & a patterned green tack board, and then frame art that ties in a few accent colors such as orange or aqua?

For traditional furnishings, try pairing chairs that have a streamlined design with old world styles for a look that is old meets new. Update the boring burgundy with tans and chocolates, and then add a rich red or deep purple for depth.

Who says your office has to be boring? Take a look at some office furniture design concepts to get ideas on how to improve your space. It will not only brighten the mood around your company, but it will show good design & great taste as well.